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Have you been dreading work and finding excuses to put it off? Philanthropy is like any other responsibility in that we are tempted to procrastinate. Doing this too often can make it difficult to achieve our goals.

If you’ve found yourself caught in the rut of procrastination, don’t lose hope! It’s possible to start over and return to a work mindset. All you need to do is change your routine, picking up new habits to ease you back in.

These activities can help you return to work with fresh enthusiasm.

Consider the Future
Trying to focus on all of the tasks on your to-do list can be overwhelming. When you feel as if there’s too much and you will never be able to catch up, take a step back. Putting some space between yourself and the tasks you need to do will provide a shift in perspective. You’ll remember what you wanted to achieve when you started the project, which will renew your enthusiasm to carry out the tasks.

Pick a Workspace
Many people like to do their work wherever they happen to be, taking their laptops with them into different rooms on a whim. Some might think it is convenient, but most people would do better in choosing a workspace. Setting up a quiet spot with a spacious desk and comfortable chair will help you focus and shut out distractions. What’s more, your mind begins to associate that spot with working, helping you to get things done faster.

Take Breaks
Work is important, but so is rest. Some people find themselves procrastinating because they don’t allow themselves enough free time. To prevent the burnout that often leads to falling behind, schedule a time of the day for rest. This can mean an afternoon nap or a nice walk in the park. Resting also helps to improve the quality of your work, allowing you to resume business with a renewed spirit and energized mind.

Don’t feel guilty about procrastinating; the temptation to put off work comes to us all. If you’ve fallen into the habit, make these changes in your lifestyle, and you’ll find yourself reaching goals again.