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In 2022, nonprofit organizations focused on helping those in need worldwide, providing the resources needed to thrive. This has been especially true for Neonatal Rescue, which provides lifesaving resources, training, and support to underserved communities worldwide. In 2022, they focused on assisting hospitals throughout Zambia to help improve neonatal healthcare. 

Neonatal Rescue delivered 19 ventilators in total to seven hospitals in Zambia, focusing on providing for those in the highest need. During their time delivering ventilators, they found three main themes in each hospital: low space, lack of equipment due to cost, and limited expertise on how to work different technologies. Knowing these adversities, the team at Neonatal Rescue helped create a solution that worked for the hospitals. 

Compact Equipment To Help With Lack Of Space

One of the common issues that hospitals reported was a lack of space for new medical equipment. While the hospitals needed these new technologies to provide access to critical care, there were concerns that there would not be enough space to accommodate them. This is what led Neonatal Rescue to provide smaller, compact ventilators that can fit into small spaces. This allowed the hospitals to place the ventilators in areas where they are needed without risking more space being taken. 

Training On How To Use Equipment

Whenever Neonatal Rescue delivers ventilators to hospitals in need, they ensure that the hospital staff is properly trained on how to use the equipment. After delivering the ventilators to the hospitals in Zambia, the doctors with Neonatal Rescue provided training to 17 workers that will be using the ventilator. This training can not only help medical personnel feel confident working the equipment, but it also opens up the ability to help more patients.

Without Neonatal Rescue’s help, hospitals worldwide would not have access to crucial equipment needed for lifesaving equipment. The work done in Zambia is just another step to ensuring the best healthcare possible.