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Robert Davis RD Heritage




RD Heritage Group

Co-founder of RD Heritage Group Multi-family office partnership in the US and Bahrain: focus on oil & gas (upstream, midstream and downstream), renewable energy (solar and wind), energy asset/company (core and non-core) acquisitions, healthcare roll-ups, medical device, pharmaceuticals, AI, blockchain, agriculture/dairy farming and real estate opportunities. Have deep relationship with the sovereign wealth funds in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council).

ACTUS Biotechnologies

Was responsible for running business development and capital markets teams.  Over 2 ½ years was responsible for raising, including cash and cash equivalents of over $30MM for Convoy Therapeutics and EnduRx Pharmaceuticals.  Business development partners include the who’s who of big pharma and big cosmetic companies for Convoy.  Licensing deal with Hugel, the 3rd largest aesthetic pharmaceutical company in Asia; and deals offered globally with Johnson and Johnson, Allergan, L’Oreal, Valeant, and Merck to name a few.  With EnduRx was responsible for partnering or strategic relationships with top cancer, imaging and clot busting pharmaceutical companies.


Volunteer Experience

University of Michigan

Bachelor of Science degree with a minor in Creative Writing

Robert Davis Scholarship

The Robert Davis Scholarship is named for Robert Davis, a well-known Las Vegas medical professional. After a successful career in the medical industry, he went on to found RD Heritage Group—a partnership of five family offices and their portfolio investments.