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The new year marks new opportunities for non-profit organizations to secure new volunteers to help further their mission. Finding new volunteers and support can be a great way to further improve a non-profit organization’s services. This is especially true for Neonatal Rescue, which continues to focus on providing much-needed medical resources in underserved communities. In 2023, there are a number of ways that support Neonatal Rescue to help continue its mission. 

Volunteer For A Humanitarian Trip

Given that the main goal of Neonatal Rescue is to provide much-needed medical equipment and support to underserved communities, it is not surprising that humanitarian trips are a big part of how they function. Each year, the organization looks at areas with the greatest need for support and plans a working trip to that specific location. During these humanitarian trips, the medical equipment is brought to the hospitals in need, where they help set everything up. In addition to providing the equipment, the team at Neonatal Rescue also provides training and lessons on how to use the medical equipment. This helps provide important resources to hospitals in need. Volunteers can help ensure these types of trips are successful and ensure the hospital feels ready to provide new services to its patients. 


Because of the main goal of providing crucial medical equipment to hospitals in need, it is likely not surprising that donations are a crucial part of how Neonatal Rescue functions. There are a few ways to donate to Neonatal Rescue to help them continue their work. When possible, providing a ventilator and its basic training is a major donation that can benefit Neonatal Rescue, as they can ensure it is provided to a hospital in need. Those who may not have access to these resources can also make a monetary donation to purchase much-needed medical equipment. 

Become A Partner

Another great option to help support Neonatal Rescue is to become a partner. Potential partners could include other humanitarian organizations, governments, corporations, or individuals who can help provide training for medical equipment. There are a number of ways to become a partner that will help benefit the organization.