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Robert Davis RD Heritage


Philanthropy/Community Involvement

About Robert Davis of RD Heritage


Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Robert Davis is the founder of RD Heritage Group, a partnership family offices and their respective portfolio investments. Across the offices, the Group operates within the biotechnology, dairy, real estate, AI, automotive, and medical devices as well as solar energy, food, pharmaceuticals, and blockchain sectors. 

Through RD Heritage Group, Robert Davis has built a successful career within the financial industry. Throughout his career, Robert has worked hard to build the firm to a position where it could offer assistance to others. The Group believes firmly in the power of capital markets, and each has earned a reputation for excellence in their arenas. 

All families within the RD Heritage Group are deeply invested in the importance of human capital when it comes to solving economic and social challenges to improve lives. Robert Davis and the rest of the Group believe that great ideas and effective actions, not ideology alone, are what effect change. As a result, they constantly explore investments that will drive job creation and sustainable economic growth through public policy. 

That’s why Robert created the Robert Davis Scholarship in 2020, to help make higher education more accessible to students who may not be able to afford their academic pursuits. With a goal of awarding $100,000 in 2022 and increasing the amount to $1,000,000 in 2023, Robert wants to use the scholarship to help underprivileged students who need, but may not be able to qualify for, federal grant assistance. This gift from RD Heritage Group is designed to allow awarded students to work less, borrow less, study more, and have more time to experience all that the college experience has to offer while pursuing their dreams. The scholarships are awarded to students who are enrolled, or plan on attending a college or university, and is contingent upon satisfactory academic performance.  

The Robert Davis Scholarship through RD Heritage Group is open to students from eligible high schools throughout the United States. Award recipients will have not only distinguished themselves academically but also through participation and involvement in school, community, and church groups and activities, including varsity sports, Model U.N., math club, youth group, and working part-time jobs. Robert and the team are very proud to help these students in their pursuit of becoming doctors, musicians, teachers, engineers, nurses, and more. 

Learn more about community involvement and ways that you can give back as an individual by visiting Robert Davis’ blog page for the latest updates! If you would like to contact Robert directly, please feel free to email him at

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