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When we speak of volunteering, people most often think about monetary donations. There is more to volunteering than money. A volunteer is a passionate person who is generous with their time and ability, participating on a mission to help the planet or improve society. Their enthusiasm breathes life into important causes.

These people contribute more than their money, though financial donations are also appreciated. Volunteers don’t hold back when they are part of a cause that they feel strongly about. All forms of participation can propel an organization forward.

If you have volunteers in your nonprofit organization, don’t forget to thank them. Volunteer work that helps a cause can vary but often includes:

Comforting the Frightened
Some volunteers are dedicated to speaking and bringing comfort to those who have been involved in accidents or disasters. Their voices can calm an orphaned child or give a mother hope that she can indeed start over, even if she’s lost her home. Kind words from the open heart of a volunteer are priceless.

Other volunteers offer to participate in heavy-duty construction projects, pulling their weight. This can include building homes for the homeless, caring for our forests, or paving roads to ensure safe travel. Those who pitch in their physical strength to help others can rebuild many lives.

Social Media Volunteers
Like any business, an organization should have a strong Internet presence. Tech-savvy volunteers can keep an organization’s social media presence strong and engaging. Social networks are where people learn about what your cause is and how you are helping others. It’s important that the person in charge of your online presence has a firm grasp on it.

There is more to volunteer work than donating money. Your nonprofit organization will be stronger when people give freely of their time, knowledge, and strength. A strong organization has a greater chance of success. 

Don’t forget to thank your volunteers for their involvement. Make them feel appreciated by taking into account what they do and expressing your gratitude.