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In recent years, philanthropy has continued to see a significant evolution in how it functions. Not only has philanthropy gained more attention, but it has also become more important among businesses and individuals around the world. In order to gain the best understanding of philanthropy, it is important to be aware of its major trends. Below are the most important trends within philanthropy that experts recommend being aware of in 2022. 

Increased Giving Opportunities
It is likely not surprising to learn that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has substantially impacted how philanthropy functions. To help respond to some of the major changes caused by the pandemic, more organizations and causes are creating more ways to give back. This has been in response to the need for social distancing measures and a decrease in annual fundraising events. Organizations have increased giving opportunities through things like adding online donation capabilities, partnering with companies to do a match program, and increasing efforts with electronic fundraising. Having more ways to give has helped reduce the impact of fundraising setbacks. 

Hybrid Setup
With more opportunities available, organizations are also expected to become more hybrid-friendly. This means that organizations will not only continue holding in-person fundraising events but also be offering virtual options for these events. A hybrid setup can help draw in a larger crowd than possible with in-person events exclusively and help bring in new donors through their virtual efforts. Both donors and those seeking services will have more opportunities to become involved with an organization through the hybrid model. 

Increased Use Of Technology
In order for the hybrid model to be successful, organizations will also need to increase their use of technology. To achieve this, organizations may shift their initial focus towards updating any outdated technology and bringing in any new, necessary technology. This will be important in helping the organization to implement a more hybrid approach and ensuring that the process is as efficient as possible. Prioritizing technology updates can help reduce the risk of any delays from technology glitches or issues. 

Organizations should be prepared to embrace technology on a greater scale in 2022, especially as they shift towards a more hybrid model. Doing this can reduce any potential setbacks and help the organization enter the new year on the right track.