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The most efficient non-profit organizations operate within tight constraints. Limited funds are a challenge and tend to be a catalyst for structured planning sessions. It is critical to make the best possible use of available monies. The Board of Directors, Marketing professionals, and volunteers are constantly looking for ways to get the appeal message in front of potential donors. The wisest use of money is to target likely givers with residual messages. Social media campaigns offer several effective ways to promote non-profit organizations

Raise Awareness for a Cause
Social media interaction helps non-profit organizations raise awareness about their preferred causes. The general public can find valuable information about a foundation and its values without obligation. Information about a core belief or cause is crucial to attracting donors. People naturally support what they believe in, from cancer research to shelter pets. Social media feeds can be scheduled to post at any time of day and can even loop repeatedly throughout the day. This one simple campaign strategy can create thousands or more new viewers in a single day. 

Share a Story
In addition to having complete and interesting background information, non-profit organizations also capitalize on the emotional element of their cause. Human interest stories are excellent ways to capture interest and increase potential donations. Some fundraising experts suggest that short video features are the most effective ways to capture attention and interest. When the same or similar videos are posted across multiple social media sites at the same time, the overall impact and exposure are even greater. 

Plan an Event
Social media was originally created with a single intention. The goal was to create ways to connect and reconnect people. Gradually, as new sites were developed, the networking goals expanded from individual consumers to businesses. Social media became a quick way to learn about local businesses, read real-time user reviews, and schedule appointments. Today, non-profit organizations utilize prominent social media platforms to create in-person and virtual networking events. Fundraising events advertised and promoted on social media produce much greater attendance levels. Friends and family like or share events and help non-profits reach further than their original target list.