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Short volunteer trips abroad are a wonderful way for individuals to give of themselves while spending time in any number of world locations. The opportunities enable travelers to learn about and experience the culture of others while providing specialized services to a community. A variety of organizations welcome the chance to match someone with a location in need of assistance. 

International Volunteer HQ
The International Volume HG or IVHG connects with more than 50 world destinations through more than 300 programs that welcome guests. Selfless souls have the chance to provide childcare, medical assistance, teaching, or participation in wildlife conservation programs for one week or more. The organization arranges for airport transportation to the location, accommodations, onsite meals, and 24/7 support. Should a volunteer desire to do so, their stay may be extended after the duration of the original one or two-week stay. 

Animal lovers and conservationists are attracted to the GoEco programs that engage in efforts geared to benefit domestic animals and wildlife. The organization has 60 different internships and opportunities located in 44 different world locations. Volunteers choose to participate in one or two-week programs that may involve a trip to the plains of Africa or the rainforest jungles of Costa Rica. 

Kaya Responsible Travel
Kaya travel supports more than 200 internships and volunteer projects in more than two dozen countries in Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and Latin America. The wide variety of volunteer programs includes opportunities in childcare, education, environment, health, marine, medical, sports, teaching, and wildlife conservation fields. The programs enable participants to offer assistance in a designated community during their stay. The organization also enables volunteers to choose a project based on their particular interest, specific need, or time of year. Families are also welcome. 

Love Volunteers
By partnering with local world organizations, Love Volunteers lowers overhead costs, which means more money goes to the locations in which they serve. The safety of program participants is also of the utmost importance during their participation. In this way, volunteers have a greater experience abroad.