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If you’re involved in philanthropy in any fashion, whether you began a nonprofit or even volunteer once a month for a homeless shelter, the chances are that you recognize the importance of fundraising. Fundraising is the process of gaining financial support in order to keep things running at your organization, which is a necessary part of running a nonprofit.

After years of brainstorming fundraising ideas, it can begin to grow tiresome to think of new methods of raising money. For your convenience, there are a few ideas listed below.


Compile a Recipe Book

These days it seems like everybody is trying their hand in the kitchen. With more time being spent at home, individuals have been diving into making new recipes, whether they are cooking vegan food, ethnic food, or a childhood comfort food. While many individuals go to Pinterest or Google to find new recipes, nothing beats the nostalgia of a cookbook. Your organization could capitalize on this by asking employees, volunteers and even donors to send in their most treasured recipes. Whoever is in charge of the fundraiser could compile the recipes into a cookbook, either virtual or on a paperback, that people can purchase. This unconventional fundraiser could end up drawing in lots of money and will add a personal touch to your crowdsourcing.


Exercise Classes

Who said fundraising and exercising had to be separate from each other? Your organization could decide to put on an exercise class hosted by a professional. Whether you choose to do yoga, self-defense, or some other interesting sport, you can promote the class to the community. You might be surprised to find just how many people will show up. Attendees can either buy a standard ticket or decide to choose their own donation amount. Either way, this gives the community a way to spend their morning or afternoon while also getting them involved with your organization. This method can also apply to hobbies outside of exercise, such as painting, archery, or some other recreational activity.


Charity Concert

Nothing brings people together more than music. There are many bands and musicians out there who would be willing to play for free simply to get exposure, meaning that you can use all proceeds to benefit your charity. This is a great way to get people to attend your event and get your nonprofit’s name out there, especially since each musician will have their own network that will likely want to come out to support them. You can require a small admission fee for everyone or set up donation buckets and website links. By having a website link, people will be able to share on their social media pages, which might garner some more donations from people who weren’t even able to attend.

While fundraising is meant to benefit your nonprofit, there isn’t a reason it cannot also provide the community with a fun event. These fundraisers are great opportunities to meet more people and have them show an interest in what your nonprofit is doing in the community.