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Getting involved in philanthropy is a chance to give something back to your community in a meaningful way. This is true regardless of the size of the gift or donation you make. Every small donation makes an impact as more people make similar donations. In fact, a nonprofit organization may prefer several different small donors as opposed to relying on one individual or business that makes larger donations. Learning more about other myths may encourage you to follow your heart and donate to a cause that means something to you.

Philanthropy Won’t Improve Your Life
A common reason people don’t get involved with philanthropy is that they don’t find that it will benefit them in any way. On the contrary, giving back to your community can improve your emotional health in many ways. You’ll get a good feeling just by doing something nice for others. As you see how your donations or volunteerism improves the less fortunate, you’ll also feel an improved sense of self-worth and confidence.

Nonprofits Should Spend Donations on Themselves
There’s truth in the adage that it takes money to make money. A nonprofit organization that uses donations to create programs and events that will attract more philanthropists can do more than an organization that simply uses donations to meet basic needs. This is because better programs will do more to raise awareness and attract even more donors to the cause.

All Nonprofits Are Fiscally Irresponsible
While there are some disreputable or poorly run nonprofit organizations, most charitable organizations are legitimate. Since these organizations are operated just like other types of commercial businesses, it’s fairly easy to research any charity’s history. You can also check online sites, such as the Better Business Bureau website, to learn more about an organization before donating. You can also check a nonprofit’s social media pages to see how active they are and what they have accomplished.

You also shouldn’t feel compelled to donate money in order to be an effective philanthropist. Donating gifts or your time can be just as effective in helping the less fortunate in your community. Many nonprofits are desperate for volunteer help. If you are interested in giving back to your community, reach out to nonprofits in your area to find out what types of help they need.