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Non-profit organizations hire experienced fundraisers to create effective campaigns. Grant applications, annual appeals, and legacy donations are some of the most commonly used fundraising tools. The challenge faced by nonprofit agencies is to keep the frequent appeals unique and interesting. With the ever-changing state of the global economy, several non-profits are competing with other organizations to reach the same donors. 

Fundraising Through Auctions
Physical or online auctions are a fantastic way for non-profit organizations to raise much-needed funds. These events can range from black-tie gala-style silent auctions to straightforward email blast campaigns. Donors often find the act of engaging in a mock bidding war with others to be a fun and creative way to donate to a worthy cause. The friendly competition among attendees generally increases the overall contributions. 

Although most people attend and donate because they believe in the cause, the prizes are also important. The more interesting the price selection, the more people will sign up for and attend the auction. Here are some of the most popular auction prize ideas: 

Cleaning Service Voucher
Busy professionals love the idea of getting some help around the house or with their routine chores. A gift certificate for a popular home cleaning service or auto detail center is a welcome auction prize. 

Travel Packages
Travel agencies, airlines, and hotels may offer discounts or even donate a portion of their services to non-profit organizations. Whether near or far, all-inclusive vacations will definitely create competition among the highest bidders. 

Date Night Getaway
Dinner and a movie or theater show are perfectly acceptable alternatives if an organization cannot negotiate a larger travel package. Romantic getaways that couples do not have to plan for themselves are always a big hit at fundraising auctions. 

Artist Meet and Greet
Local and international celebrities such as actors, sports professionals, and politicians often support their favorite charities. They may provide a donation in cash or valuable, signed memorabilia. Auctions that arrange a personal meeting with a celebrity are sure to bring in top dollar. 

Gift Baskets
A simple but traditional prize, gift baskets are versatile and staple for most charity auctions. Choose from fruit, wine, or beauty products to create more interest and higher bids.